Some say that PR is a journey. But is your PR on the right road for you?

Mandatum Public Relations can help drive your brand forward because we are an independent, proactive Nottinghamshire PR agency backed with many years of experience in media and public relations.

For us, good PR is about working out what you want to say, why and to whom. Great PR is about how you do it and deliver PR results. That’s the right road for you.

We write press releases, we write features, marketing literature and newsletters, case studies, news articles and blog posts and we come up with ideas. We tweet. We share. We connect people. We engage.

With a pragmatic approach,  we also advise on how best to use social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Did you know, Mandatum PR has gained business by using LinkedIn? Did you know events have been a success because we’ve harnessed the power of Twitter?

So, if you want a press release writing, if you want a tweet composing, if you want to talk to someone who cares about how words are used for you, get in touch.

We help small companies and national organisations to stand out from the crowd. We could be helping you too.

You are the client. Mandatum PR is your secret weapon.

Email or call 07854 689914.