Mea culpa is admirable in PR, but is there more to it?

I read a story about a company. It had been perceived as having taken advantage of a situation. The story had angry locals. It had bitterness. It had the company at the centre of the storm saying that they had got it wrong, and would donate funds to charity. Textbook. Well, it may be. If you’ve done something wrong like this, it’s best in PR terms to fess up. Mea…


The actor and the stagehand

I keep meaning to write this post, and a conversation the other day reminded me to do so. It occurred to me that being a writer in the PR field is very much like being an actor – as well as being a backstage crew hand. I’ll explain. No two clients are the same. Nobody who works in the same company is the same. Therefore, when writing copy, the tone…


Photos and PR

Quick post here before I head out on a couple of photoshoots. I try always to have photos with stories. Why? two reasons. One, a photo can help tell the story, and, if the story is about people, it can add a visual element to the article. Secondly, a lot of web-based news outlets need photos to go with stories when they upload to the internet, or share on social…


Restarting the blog

Hi. It’s been a while since I have blogged for myself. I write a lot for of press releases, features and social media posts for other people and businesses but rarely for myself. This will change. I will follow my own advice to others. And write. I’m putting together a list of blog ideas and putting them into a loose schedule. I say loose; it’s because I don’t think blogging…


Review: Internet law – An essential guide

AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO STAYING LEGAL On a shelf in my study is a well-thumbed but rather old copy of a book that many journalists will know. It’s about the law and guides reporters through what they can say, or indeed can’t say, when writing stories. From court proceedings to defamation, and many points in between, McNae’s (and it’s numerous editions) has been a  staple read for reporters learning their…


How the media landscape has changed

HELPING STUDENTS THINK OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM BOX Back in 1995, I was cub reporter in Nottinghamshire, learning my trade having signed my indentures at a local weekly newspaper in Mansfield. Shorthand. Long days. High enthusiasm. Low pay. Ah, they were the days. You wrote your article and submitted it by saving it to a floppy disc and then putting aforementioned disc into another computer. No website for the newspaper group…


The Five Ws of writing a great case study

FIVE Ws OF WRITING A GREAT CASE STUDY Writing a case study for PR purposes is about information. Information that helps you to tell a story, that captivates the audience, that keeps the reader interested. A case study for PR purposes can’t just be about you, your work and your products or services. It simply won’t engage the audience. If you are writing a case study, there are certain pieces of…


Quick thoughts on local business news

Afternoon, I write a lot of press releases for businesses. Many are for trade media but quite a few are also for use by local newspapers. Just recently, I asked a couple of business journalists on regional papers for their views on how companies can improve their coverage. The overall view was that: “Like anything else in business, it’s all about relationships. The stronger the relationship, the more likely you’ll…


Press releases aren’t always easy to do

Press releases aren’t always easy to do. Getting the information can be a nightmare. Putting it into a format that can be used is another matter. Headlines? Got those right? There’s some advice below but if you need to have a chat with a PR professional with many years of experience in media and media relations, then get in touch. Email or call 07854 689914   How do I write…