Question: How do I get a PR story on the radio? Answer: A perfect package….

Question: How do I get a PR story on the radio?
Answer: A perfect package.

As a PR professional, to hear someone say ‘a perfect package’ is, well, perfect. Particularly so when it comes from a production journalist in BBC radio.
Why so the response? Well, a week or two ago, with my PR selling-in hat on, I contacted the Nottingham radio station and put forward my client, Team Fostering, as a potential interview subject to talk about Fostering Fortnight.
The agency is a not-for-profit organisation that has children at its heart. And, as it was Fostering Fortnight, ideal in my opinion to talk about fostering.
Now, I didn’t just put forward Team Fostering. PR isn’t about advertising and it has to stand up as a news item and be relevant. It needs the whole package.
So, we have the relevance in Fostering Fortnight. We have a representative from Team Fostering – the expert. We also lined up a lady who has fostered through the agency. She was able to say a little bit about what fostering is about for her.
Also, someone who has been fostered. Well, hands up, that was me. A Nottinghamshire PR person talking about fostering. But I am able to speak about how foster carers play a vital role in the lives of children who have had something happen in their lives. It’s not just the stuff of a press release.
It’s the view of someone who has first-hand experience of fostering. So. We have relevance. We have the expert. We have the foster carer. And we have someone who has been fostered.

The whole package.

In media relations, particularly with radio, you need to make sure you think about what it is you are trying to get across and make it go beyond the key messages.
You need to think about how to make the story come alive.
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