Just a quick note. Got some trade publications on the desk at Mandatum PR earlier today and there are some quite nice pieces about one or two of my B2B PR clients.
The articles portray their knowledge about the sectors in which they work and are based on case studies.
Case studies are a great way of getting news out there in an informative and creative manner and should be an often sharpened tool in the PR practitioner’s armoury.
You’ve got the who, what, where and when and you’ve got the great quote in from a satisfied end-client.
But it’s not all about self-promotion – it’s about sharing best practice and information. It’s about telling a story, problems and solutions.
Case studies can be difficult to get. Sometimes it’s a case of working out how best to get approval from third parties and a key element of this is tenacity. As the PR person, you’re down the line in their day-today activities but persevere and success will come more often than not.
It’s also about relationships and trust. Understanding that is essential.
You’ve also got to think about where the case study is pitched. While it could be good for industry peers, what sector is it in and can you make the most of it that way?
If you can, a good PR case study may also have footage; useful obviously for online publications. Vine can be used for six-second bursts and is worth looking at. There are others of course.
If you need any help or advice, let me know and I can see if I can help.