Drumming up interest at CES

I think you can learn a lot from people, and that’s why I plan to interview different people about different things I think are interesting, particularly from PR, technology, or the media.

So, welcome to the first in a series of short, sharp interviews with people. Real people, doing something great.

Louis-James Davis, entrepreneur

Louis-James Davis is a former Young Entrepreneur of the Year whose blond, surfer-like locks and drumming skills mark him out as not your average business type.

He is currently visiting the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’s a big deal. It’s where new tech is on show.

Louis-James, who hails from the same part of the North-West of England that I come from, has a couple of great products in development.

I asked him for his initial thoughts on the show.

“The size of the show and technical ability of the exhibitors is outstanding,” he told me. “The people I have encountered would rather team up and help each other where possible rather than be competitors to one another.”

That’s a great ethos, but (with my PR hat on) has he been able to rise the profile of his products, and himself?

Louis-James said: “Both my products the KMS wristband and VCode have received great coverage with the press in the US and have had the public demanding them to be released ASAP.

“I received an applause yesterday speaking on the international tech panel for CES in regards to kids/teens and tech.

“This was my first international televised panel to a packed out audience and had to follow Randi Zuckerberg (sister of Mark, the founder of Facebook).”

How did that feel?

“After the initial daunting feeling I had before going on stage, it was said I delivered the presentation and answers calm, clear and professionally and the audience loved the products and received my answers to their questions positively.”

Louis-James has also been interviewed by Tech Crunch, the highly-regarded group-edited blog on al things new in the world of tech.

Seems Louis-James’ visit to CES will do him and his products the world of good. I look forward to keeping up to date with what happens after CES.


To find out more about Louis-James, follow him on Twitter @louisjamesdavis, where his bio reads “Musician, Entrepreneur & Daddy. Digital, Creative & Health Care Technology Ambassador for Manchester Metropolitan University (FFFP)”