Try to be a team player

At half time in my 14 year old’s rugby match yesterday, the coach told the lads: “I’m not interested in who scores the try, I want to see who is making it happen.” Rugby is everywhere at the moment, due of course to the Rugby World Cup. And I spend half my free time taking my two lads to training or to matches. (The other half of my free time…


The actor and the stagehand

I keep meaning to write this post, and a conversation the other day reminded me to do so. It occurred to me that being a writer in the PR field is very much like being an actor – as well as being a backstage crew hand. I’ll explain. No two clients are the same. Nobody who works in the same company is the same. Therefore, when writing copy, the tone…


Photos and PR

Quick post here before I head out on a couple of photoshoots. I try always to have photos with stories. Why? two reasons. One, a photo can help tell the story, and, if the story is about people, it can add a visual element to the article. Secondly, a lot of web-based news outlets need photos to go with stories when they upload to the internet, or share on social…


Restarting the blog

Hi. It’s been a while since I have blogged for myself. I write a lot for of press releases, features and social media posts for other people and businesses but rarely for myself. This will change. I will follow my own advice to others. And write. I’m putting together a list of blog ideas and putting them into a loose schedule. I say loose; it’s because I don’t think blogging…


Great PR coverage in trade magazines

Just a quick note. Got some trade publications on the desk at Mandatum PR earlier today and there are some quite nice pieces about one or two of my B2B PR clients. The articles portray their knowledge about the sectors in which they work and are based on case studies. Case studies are a great way of getting news out there in an informative and creative manner and should be an…


PR Tips : Just Do It

Recently, I have been speaking with people about tweeting and blogging. For some, it’s a stumbling block. Copied here is a blog post I wrote a little while ago that I thought might be useful … Writing for content marketing & social media – a case of Just Do It?  Is writing for social media (or anything else for that matter) a case of, as Nike would perhaps say, a…


PR Tips : Whose voice is it anyway?

I’ve been asked on several occasions recently about what people should say on social media platforms. What voice they should say things in? How should they word statuses on Linked In, Twitter and the like? There are many articles and pieces of advice on this subject. I’ve read a few and they are often like this: “Do this, do that, don’t do it that way …”. My view is that…


PR Tips : When the noise gets too much

When you’re in the car, listening to the radio, and a song comes on that you don’t like, what do you do? Continue listening? No, you’ll probably change station, pop a CD on or change your iPod tunes. When you’re at home watching the TV, and a programme comes on that you don’t like, what do you do? Continue watching? No, you’ll probably turn the TV off or change channel.…


New Year sees launch of new Nottinghamshire PR agency

Experienced PR professional and former journalist Wayne Swiffin has launched his own public relations consultancy. Wayne was latterly an account director at an award-winning Nottingham integrated communications agency but created his own agency to focus on PR, media relations and copywriting. Based at the i-Centre in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Mandatum PR already has a number of retained clients across the UK operating in sectors including materials handling, warehousing, construction, property, professional…