Try to be a team player

At half time in my 14 year old’s rugby match yesterday, the coach told the lads: “I’m not interested in who scores the try, I want to see who is making it happen.” Rugby is everywhere at the moment, due of course to the Rugby World Cup. And I spend half my free time taking my two lads to training or to matches. (The other half of my free time…


Question: How do I get a PR story on the radio? Answer: A perfect package….

Question: How do I get a PR story on the radio? Answer: A perfect package. As a PR professional, to hear someone say ‘a perfect package’ is, well, perfect. Particularly so when it comes from a production journalist in BBC radio. Why so the response? Well, a week or two ago, with my PR selling-in hat on, I contacted the Nottingham radio station and put forward my client, Team Fostering, as a…