The actor and the stagehand

I keep meaning to write this post, and a conversation the other day reminded me to do so. It occurred to me that being a writer in the PR field is very much like being an actor – as well as being a backstage crew hand. I’ll explain. No two clients are the same. Nobody who works in the same company is the same. Therefore, when writing copy, the tone…


Question: How do I get a PR story on the radio? Answer: A perfect package….

Question: How do I get a PR story on the radio? Answer: A perfect package. As a PR professional, to hear someone say ‘a perfect package’ is, well, perfect. Particularly so when it comes from a production journalist in BBC radio. Why so the response? Well, a week or two ago, with my PR selling-in hat on, I contacted the Nottingham radio station and put forward my client, Team Fostering, as a…


PR Tips : Five PR lessons to learn from Alice Cooper

I was busily creating some concepts for a Mandatum PR client in the professional services sector just recently. In a break, I casually switched on the TV set and, as it was just after lunch, Loose Women was on TV. Four “celeb” women involved in deep debate about the important issues of the day OK, deep debate might be a little bit pushing it and so I was about to…