The (potted) story of Wayne Swiffin & Mandatum PR

Mandatum PR is the Nottinghamshire PR firm run by Wayne Swiffin, a former journalist who has bucket-loads of experience in devising and executing meaningful public relations campaigns, both offline and online.

Mandatum PR is now in its fourth year. The story is this>> Wayne read Classics at Leeds University, studied journalism at Harlow College, worked in local and regional newspapers, and then moved into PR.

He left the first agency he was at after a couple of years, and went to work for a top PR agency in Nottingham. He put himself forward for redundancy after five years or so – and dived head first into becoming a trusted PR consultant in his own right.

In a recession. In times of economic uncertainty. Some said go for it, others said don’t go for it.

He listened. He went for it. Mandatum PR was born.

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Anyway, for Wayne, the hallmarks of a good PR campaign are identifying audiences, telling them what you need them to know in a manner that is appropriate and in a way that will get you noticed.

Adept at utilising social media, Wayne also knows that some companies and brands will benefit from effective use of these channels, and he will integrate them into PR campaigns when they can add real value.

Mandatum PR agency clients are across the East Midlands, particularly in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, but across the country too. Some clients are other PR agencies who need a short, sharp burst of additional PR support.

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When not writing or doing PR stuff, Wayne is dad to two boys and a husband to a wife who is a logistician. He has a Working* Lakeland Terrier called Ted. He’s addicted to news, is an avid reader, avid history and archaeology enthusiast, National Trust member, cycler, and occasional** gym goer.

*Working is a joke, lazing more like
**Occasional, but getting better.



Just some of the companies who have worked with Mandatum PR


Mandatum PR is a member of Mansfield 2020, and Wayne Swiffin is an Ambassador for Mansfield & Ashfield.


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