Try to be a team player


At half time in my 14 year old’s rugby match yesterday, the coach told the lads: “I’m not interested in who scores the try, I want to see who is making it happen.”

Rugby is everywhere at the moment, due of course to the Rugby World Cup.
And I spend half my free time taking my two lads to training or to matches. (The other half of my free time is spent washing their kits and reading about rugby so I at least know what a flanker or a hooker is).
I wandered over at half time yesterday, to see what was being said. They had played badly the week before but yesterday’s game was good.
The coach told them that more of the same was needed in the second half. That’s when he said about who makes the tries happen.
It was only a sentence, but interesting because I wonder, in general, how many people are there for the team, and how many are there for themselves.
As a PR person, it’s my job to raise profiles, to help businesses achieve their goals (or tries, given I’ve mentioned rugby).
As a PR person, you’re part of the team. It might be that the words you write can then be used for different purposes – marketing emails, social media updates, adverts etc etc
It might be that while someone else is making things, fixing things, designing things, you, the PR person, are telling other people about what they’re doing.
It’s about being part of team. Sure, you can stand out in a crowd, and you can be a star, but it’s often because the team has pulled together.
I wonder how many people are real team players? Surely it would benefit individuals if teams pulled together?

Anyway, just so you know, my lad scored his first try for the team and was later named Man of the Match after playing in a number of positions and literally running his legs off for the team. (He didn’t actually run his legs off, although he was somewhat winded when a juggernaut of a kid fell on him towards the end).