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Hello. I’m Wayne Swiffin, the chap behind Mandatum PR. I’m no good at putting up shelves, repairing cars, building walls, or developing software.

(In fact, my dad still has a metal coat hook that I created during a Craft, Design and Technology lesson in my first term of secondary school. It’s not been treasured as a work of art. It’s been kept as an example of how I am somewhat lacking when it comes to practical things).

But, what I can do is help you to promote your skills and your business and your product and services.

(If your business makes coat hooks, I could write press releases and features, and create social media all about them, and get them noticed by people who matter to you).


“PR is not just about press releases. It’s about thinking about what success looks like and what we need to do to in order to reach the right audiences.”

That’s because as well as being someone who can write and create (I’ve been a journalist and a PR practitioner), I am also a very good listener. I will listen to what you want or need to do for your business, and then I will think.

Some people simply don’t make time to think about what is needed to achieve a goal. 

What is the goal?

What do we want to achieve?

What do we have in terms of content?

What’s the story?

Who do we want/need to reach?

How will we reach them?

What does success look like?

So, with a good coffee, a pen and a piece of paper, I will think and then create ideas and a plan that will achieve those goals.

It might be that a press release is needed. It could be that a series of features are required in trade press, or in the local newspaper. A social media campaign could be key, or it might be that a spot of networking or speaking gigs is required.

I work with a range of clients, some of whom have been with me since I started out as a sole practitioner more than seven years ago. 

There are people in the professional services sector, print industry leaders, construction companies, urban regeneration people, housebuilders, tradespeople, estate agents, artists… 

Clients are from across the UK, some with a national and international reach.

There are some who need to be in trade magazines, and others who want to be in their local papers.

There’s no one-size-fits all approach – and that’s why I loves what I does. 

As stated earlier, it’s a good job I am interested in people and can write, because that’s what I’m best at.



Mobile: 07854 689914

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